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Izmir is the third largest city around Turkey. This city is named as the most youthful city around Turkey, simply because of all the population that resides in Turkey, the number of youths or millennials is the highest in the Izmir and the number of universities is also high in the city. Being titled as the heritage city of Turkey, it displays many multicultural traditions and histories to its people and its visitors. This might be the purest city, naturally that I have been to. The people here host very warmly and are very helpful in touring you around. They themselves will tell you the best highlights about the city if you are confused about any. These are some of the places you must visit.

Kemeralti Market

Something as simple as a local market stretches over a five kilometers long stretch. The market has been going on since it has been established in the seventeenth century. In earlier times it was only used for selling and purchasing of ports or harbor stuff, but now it hosts over fifty different categories to browse from. The goods from the market can also be purchased online, all the sellers from the market hosts their online domains to sell their goods online. Apart from all the stuff you buy, being I visitor if you want to order yourself stuff and get it delivered, they will deliver it to your hotel. And locals get it delivered to their homes. This is one of the best markets I have been to, they have these classic street foods to offers and they serve samples first. What could be better?


If you want to get all those extra liked Instagram pictures for yourself, then this is the location to be chosen. This iconic place has been here since the 4th century BC. It keeps getting restored every once in a while to keep it preserved as their historical monument. You are given tours here, that are free of cost and the guides will keep telling you stories about how this was built and what it was ideally used for.