When I traveled through the Bavarian region of Germany I came across several beautiful towns and Fussen is one of them. This town is located by the Romantic Road which has mountains surrounding it as well as lakes and the famous castles of King Ludwig, Linderhof, and Neuschwanstein. One of the things that attracted me most about Germany’s mountainside towns are the castles up on the mountains that gave them a fairy tale like look and feel. This town definitely serves as one of them.

If you are traveling with your family, plan to stay here for a day or two, to see the sights, enjoy the food and local brews as well as discover the local German culture here.

Take a Stroll

The old town has cobbled streets all around and these are waiting to be discovered. Once you walk by these streets or turn a corner, you will be greeted by fascinating views of the surrounding mountains or the lakes. The streets turn into busy shopping destination during the summer months and there are cafes by the walkways that have chairs and tables laid out on the streets.

Medieval Landmarks

There are several historic landmarks to stop by here. In general, the town boasts of history and architecture that dates back 700 years. All around you will find a town wall, baroque churches, and Gothic houses as well as a Benedictine abbey. At the backdrop are the Bavarian Alps. I visited the Hohes Schloss or High Castle outside the old town which was summer home of the Augsburg Lord Bishops. The architecture of the castle is distinct which includes a clock tower and orange roof as well as Trompe L’oiels which is 500 years old.

Take a Cruise

This is another delightful activity to do when you are at Fussen. We took a boat tour on Lake Forggensee which helps you enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding.