Corinto is basically a traditional and historic town located in the Chinandega province of Nicaragua, on the northwest Pacific shoreline. It is a usual port stop for cruise ships where the travelers tend to take a quick tour or a walk within the town. Corinto is spread over an area of 234.14 square kilometers. It can receive cruises and that too from all over the world where visitors are encountered with local guides at arrival. I feel that anybody who is interested in experiencing some local Nicaraguan culture and ways of life should take a stroll through this town, markets, stalls and the food places where one should definitely try out the seafood.

Nicaragua is a delightful country with its tourism industry expanding year by year carrying tourist attractions which includes historical churches, rainforests, lakes, volcanoes, and Corinto acts as a gateway to some of the magnificent cities of the country. Some of the tourist spots/activities near to Corinto are:

  • Leon
  • Managua
  • Parroquia Santa Ana
  • Telica Volcano
  • Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve
  • Flor de Cana Tour
  • The  Volcano Summit of Nicaragua San Cristobal

Even though Corinto is typically meant for a brief excursion for the members of cruises, the town provides its own fair share of experiences. I would say that Corinto is not meant for people expecting a flamboyant tourist involvement, but for those seeking something unusual than the typical city sights and or folks who would like to explore growing towns, this traditional place can turn out to be interesting for them. And for others, there are usual tourist activities like horse riding, surfing, beaches and islands really close to the town.

I would recommend someone preparing to explore Corinto that they try to go through the lives and culture of the natives, the local places to thoroughly grasp the feeling of the coastal town.