If you want to get a glimpse of authentic Costa Rica, then this is the city that you must visit without fail. Once we finished with the tour of San Jose, although we were very happy with the stuff offered there, we were still looking for something different and a little quieter. Then we came across this charming town that is also one of the best places to know more about the world-famous Costa Rica coffee. You can also watch the daily life of the Costa – Ricans from everything they do in the tow, and from the restaurants they eat from and each and every profession that they put up. This has drawn quite a lot of tourists over the years mainly due to the favorable weather conditions and the charms that one cannot find in many cities across the world.

Let us look at the different things you can do here:

  • We undertook the El Toledo Coffee Tour because that is the first thing we wanted to know about once we landed here. In the tour, we went to a farm that is owned by a small family which goes by the same name of the tour, and we were thrilled to know that the growth of the coffee in their estate was completely organic! You will learn about every process that they do from the sowing of the coffee seeds until the beverage lands in the cup. They are one of the very few growers of the coffee plant in the country that follow a completely organic process.
  • The Farmers Market was our second destination of the day. We wanted to know more about the local produce and this is the best way to learn about the shopping habits of the town’s people in general and the country’s population also.