If you want to get a glimpse of authentic Costa Rica, then this is the city that you must visit without fail. Once we finished with the tour of San Jose, although we were very happy with the stuff offered there, we were still looking for something different and a little quieter. Then we came across this charming town that is also one of the best places to know more about the world-famous Costa Rica coffee. You can also watch the daily life of the Costa – Ricans from everything they do in the tow, and from the restaurants they eat from and each and every profession that they put up. This has drawn quite a lot of tourists over the years mainly due to the favorable weather conditions and the charms that one cannot find in many cities across the world.

Let us look at the different things you can do here:

  • We undertook the El Toledo Coffee Tour because that is the first thing we wanted to know about once we landed here. In the tour, we went to a farm that is owned by a small family which goes by the same name of the tour, and we were thrilled to know that the growth of the coffee in their estate was completely organic! You will learn about every process that they do from the sowing of the coffee seeds until the beverage lands in the cup. They are one of the very few growers of the coffee plant in the country that follow a completely organic process.
  • The Farmers Market was our second destination of the day. We wanted to know more about the local produce and this is the best way to learn about the shopping habits of the town’s people in general and the country’s population also.

Corinto is basically a traditional and historic town located in the Chinandega province of Nicaragua, on the northwest Pacific shoreline. It is a usual port stop for cruise ships where the travelers tend to take a quick tour or a walk within the town. Corinto is spread over an area of 234.14 square kilometers. It can receive cruises and that too from all over the world where visitors are encountered with local guides at arrival. I feel that anybody who is interested in experiencing some local Nicaraguan culture and ways of life should take a stroll through this town, markets, stalls and the food places where one should definitely try out the seafood.

Nicaragua is a delightful country with its tourism industry expanding year by year carrying tourist attractions which includes historical churches, rainforests, lakes, volcanoes, and Corinto acts as a gateway to some of the magnificent cities of the country. Some of the tourist spots/activities near to Corinto are:

  • Leon
  • Managua
  • Parroquia Santa Ana
  • Telica Volcano
  • Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve
  • Flor de Cana Tour
  • The  Volcano Summit of Nicaragua San Cristobal

Even though Corinto is typically meant for a brief excursion for the members of cruises, the town provides its own fair share of experiences. I would say that Corinto is not meant for people expecting a flamboyant tourist involvement, but for those seeking something unusual than the typical city sights and or folks who would like to explore growing towns, this traditional place can turn out to be interesting for them. And for others, there are usual tourist activities like horse riding, surfing, beaches and islands really close to the town.

I would recommend someone preparing to explore Corinto that they try to go through the lives and culture of the natives, the local places to thoroughly grasp the feeling of the coastal town.

Snowboarding is not the only fun activity that you can take part in. There are various things to do and see. There are loads of things that will keep you busy before snow falls. Here are some of the things you can do before snowfall.

  • Enjoy the downhill thrill

Try out the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster of Blue Mountain. This electrifying ride downhill with several twists and turns on the way will surely enthrall you like nothing. Albeit, have control on the speed, you should not go too fast.

  • Take a leap of faith

Are you looking for more adventure? Visit Bagjump to experience this. You take a jump from a great height. I have to say that I had a thrilling experience here. The activity is mighty fun.

  • Take the rope course of the woods

Want to indulge in a competition? The Timber Challenge is the just the right kind of thing for you. The rope course to be found in the woods will offer you with ladders to the cargo and suspension bridges. What excited the adventurous side of me that the zip lines are 50 meters off the ground!

  • Unwind and relax

My visit to Blue Mountain would have been incomplete if I didn’t visit the Scandinavian spa. You will be surprised to know that it is situated in the middle of the forest. Here, you will be able to experience Nordic and thermal waterfalls, sauna, hot bath, and also cold plunges. You are surely going to have the best time unwinding the days of drudgery.

  • Go mountain biking at the park

To satisfy my thirst for adventure, I also went mountain biking. In case you are not a thrill buff, you can enjoy a leisurely ride at the Mountain Bike Park while you enjoy the scenic beauty. Training for tackling ladder bridges and jumps are also available.

No, don’t confuse this with the national park. Banff is also the name of a town in Canada. The national park makes it the most known places in Canada. It attracts a lot of tourists every year. There are many things that you can do and see. If you are planning to visit Banff, here are a few things you can see.

  • Banff National Park

Of course, you cannot miss out on this when you are in Banff. Banff National Park is sure to be explored. The first national park of Canada is quite high. Covering an area of 4000 sq. miles, there are a lot of things that you can explore. What came as a surprise to me was that the fact that you can enjoy every outdoor activity that you can think of. Starting from bird watching to skiing, you will find it all. I was thrilled by the wildlife found in the park.

  • Lake Minnewanka

The glacial lake of Minnewanka is fed by Cascade River. The name has been given by the people of First Nations Stoney and means Lake of Spirits. They gave the name since they believed that there are spirits in the lake. However, this lake is not at all spooky. I went for day time hiking and found that it has a spot for picnicking. If you want to be in the water, avail the cruise tour that is available.

  • The Banff Gondola

Take the gondola and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Sulphur Mountain. I was simply enthralled by the beauty. Even if you are scared of heights, the view will distract you to such an extent that you are going to worry about being scared of height. When you reach the Boardwalk of Sulphur Mountain, you can take a walk to reach the Sanson’s Peak.

I found the city of Veracruz to be a place with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The port city has to offer long and incredible culture and history. There are ample diversions for the visitors. I strolled around Malecon and visited the UNESCO World Heritage sites. In case you are interested in the real Mexico, its history, its everydayness, its folklore, and local life, this is the place to be. Here is a list of things that I think you can do and see in Veracruz.

  • Stroll the Malecon

Malecon is a relaxing place to take a walk. However, there is more to this place than just aimless strolling. You can watch street performers or buy some souvenirs for your loved ones. Here, I found a crafts market which sells traditional handicrafts like Guayabera or a hammock.

  • Listen to some music in Zocalo

Veracruz’s people are known as the Jarochos. They are pretty friendly and lively. The culture of the city is festive and laid-back. The primary square of the city is known as Zocalo, the social center. You can have your breakfast here in one of the outdoor restaurants and cafes. You can also visit during the evening to listen to some marimba music and dance to Danzon, the combination of ballroom dancing and Cuban rhythm.

  • Visit Veracruz Aquarium

Apart from offering educational shows and displays, Veracruz Aquarium is the largest one in Latin America. It is also the marine research center. Here, you will find an extensive range of sea-life from the Gulf region and other parts of the globe. Check out nurse sharks, sea turtles, manatees, barracudas, and giant manta rays. The best part about this place is that you can swim with the dolphins if you want. I fed the shark and had a lifetime experience.