Snowboarding is not the only fun activity that you can take part in. There are various things to do and see. There are loads of things that will keep you busy before snow falls. Here are some of the things you can do before snowfall.

  • Enjoy the downhill thrill

Try out the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster of Blue Mountain. This electrifying ride downhill with several twists and turns on the way will surely enthrall you like nothing. Albeit, have control on the speed, you should not go too fast.

  • Take a leap of faith

Are you looking for more adventure? Visit Bagjump to experience this. You take a jump from a great height. I have to say that I had a thrilling experience here. The activity is mighty fun.

  • Take the rope course of the woods

Want to indulge in a competition? The Timber Challenge is the just the right kind of thing for you. The rope course to be found in the woods will offer you with ladders to the cargo and suspension bridges. What excited the adventurous side of me that the zip lines are 50 meters off the ground!

  • Unwind and relax

My visit to Blue Mountain would have been incomplete if I didn’t visit the Scandinavian spa. You will be surprised to know that it is situated in the middle of the forest. Here, you will be able to experience Nordic and thermal waterfalls, sauna, hot bath, and also cold plunges. You are surely going to have the best time unwinding the days of drudgery.

  • Go mountain biking at the park

To satisfy my thirst for adventure, I also went mountain biking. In case you are not a thrill buff, you can enjoy a leisurely ride at the Mountain Bike Park while you enjoy the scenic beauty. Training for tackling ladder bridges and jumps are also available.