North Las Vegas is a well-known city that lies to the north of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, US. Located in Clark County the place has beautiful mountain ranges and open spaces that allow tourists to engage in activities like hot air balloon rides. Many tourists who visit the Vegas Strip travel to this amazing city which is popularly known as “North Town”. The place is only 3.3 miles from Las Vegas and it took us hardly 20 minutes to reach the city by car. Some of the best spots in the city are as follows:

Aliante Station Casino

One of the best attractions in North Las Vegas is the Aliante Station Casino and hotel. The place is well known for offering world-class services. Adorned with palm trees the casino and the resort cast an impressive image. Visitors generally claim that the casino machines and gambling games available at this place offer better deals compared to other casinos in the region. Popular for its fair-gaming practices, the casino also has a few restaurants that serve great food at reasonable prices. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and also enjoyed a few casino games.

Aliante Nature Discovery Park

The place looks like a small oasis when compared to the desert land in and around Las Vegas. There is a manmade lake in the park with a beautiful waterfall and ducks swimming around. There is a huge playground with lots of play equipment for kids. The park has lots of trees and shrubs that are native to the desert region and this makes the place look like a small oasis. Other attractions of the park include turtles, geese, and cranes. The best part is that the place allows visitors for free.

The Planetarium

We happen to learn about the Planetarium located on East Cheyenne Avenue from our tour guide and decided to visit the place before leaving the city. The place was small and may not look impressive from the outside but once the presentation begins, you will be engrossed in facts relating to our universe and how different things in the space evolved over time. We were also allowed to watch some real stars using telescopes and the staff explained to us about the stars and planets we could see.


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Among the different towns, I visited in Vietnam, I found Hoi An to be rich in historic landmarks and architecture that graces the entire landscape here. It is basically a port city by a river and I was astonished to find the city well preserved against pollution and traffic snarls that often plague port cities.

Walking Around Town

One of the places I liked to explore was the Old Town. It has an oriental setting, complete with Chinese temples, Japanese houses and tea warehouses. Today there are boutique hotels and lounge bars as well but the old marketplaces are great for bargain shopping and to catch glimpses of life as it was in the olden times. I hired a bicycle to explore the town and it is a good way to explore the city, especially the laid back scenes in this part of central Vietnam that often get missed out in planned bus tours or car trips.

Places to See

There are several places to see here so I would suggest that you take on a city tour. Tan Ky is a historic family home that showcases ethnic Vietnamese customs. After this, I was taken to see the Japanese bridges which were constructed way back in 1590 by the Japanese.

Other landmarks that I stopped by are the Assembly Hall of Hainan Chinese community, the temple where Thien Hau is worshipped which is part of the Fujian culture as well as the Tran family chapel that showcases a chapel built by a prominent family here.

City Life

As I wandered the streets of the city, I stopped by several local eateries. Besides local cafes where different coffee brews are found, I particularly enjoyed fine dining at White Marble where lunch or dinner comes with an impressive wine selection to choose from.

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Henderson is a well-known city in Nevada that lies close to Las Vegas. Popular for its heritage museum, ranches, wildlife, and desert, the city serves as a great place for an extended family holiday. The place has many outdoor attractions that can keep you engaged in the most exciting way. Our stay in Henderson was quite eventful and here I would like to mention a few destinations that were quite impressive.

Lion Habitat Ranch

Lion Habitat Ranch is a zoo and animal sanctuary located in Bruner Avenue. The place has many African lions and lionesses that are kept in safe enclosures in such a way that tourists can watch and interact with them closely. Besides wild cats, the place also has giraffes. Animal trainers at the zoo help the visitors in interacting with the wild animals and even take pictures with them. The experience was truly adventurous for the entire family.

Clark County Heritage Museum

Clark County Heritage Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Nevada and Las Vegas Valley. The place is located on a 30-acre land and has many old structures, houses, trains, vintage cars, old cabins, household items, and old shops that are either partially or fully restored. Here you can see the oldest version of slot machines and facts about why bells and fruits became the standard symbols for these machines. The place was amazing and can take you on a journey back in time. The admission fee for adults is $2 and for kids, it is just $1.

Lake Las Vegas

One of the major attractions in the city is Lake Las Vegas. It is an artificial man-made lake that occupies an area of 320 acres. Around 1,454 hectares of land surrounding the lake has been converted into a tourist destination with many restaurants, resorts, luxury hotels, bars, and recreational facilities. The lakefront views and landscapes are quite attractive. There are also boat rental services in the area that offers various types of boating rides.

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Xiamen is known for its great scenery, ancient Chinese culture and heritage, and the attractive looking tree line on the beaches. It has a very slow-paced life and is an ideal location to travel to for all those travelers looking to relax and unwind.   This travel blog post is sponsored by my friend who owns Alaska Back Care Center in Anchorage.  He, along, with his partner, are avid travelers and inspire my personal travels.

Attractions of Xiamen 


  • Gulangyu Island  


It is a picturesque and old-fashioned tourist spot in the bustling modern city of Xiamen. The colonial architecture, the wide variety of museums, and natural beauty are what attracted me to explore this island. This is the best place to visit to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Sunlight Rock and Shuzhuang Garden are the major attractions here.


  • Hulishan Fortress


The fortress is located in the southernmost tip of Xiamen. It has huge gates and granite walls that instantly caught the attention of my eye. It is spread over an area of 13,000 square meters and has the ancient military stuff like the trench, a secret tunnel, the barracks, and a castle.


  • Nanputuo Temple


It is a Chinese architectural marvel that is surrounded by the sea and has attractive looking Wulao Peaks behind this structure. The Buddhist monks pay regular visits to this temple and it houses Devajara Hall, Dabei Hall, and Mahavira Hall. I recommend a visit to this temple for all tourists visiting Xiamen. 


  • Wanshi Botanical Garden


It is a very picturesque and attractive botanical garden that was built around the Modanyan Reservoir. There are over 20 botanical zones in this garden and it has a lot of scenic spots that are sure to enthrall you. 


  • Oversea Chinese Museum


It is spread over 3,000 square meters and has a wide array of exhibits totaling around 7000. I enjoyed my visit to this museum as I got to know and see about the ancient cultural relics, handicrafts, and over 1000 specimens of rare beasts, marine products, and birds.

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Davao is a city in the Philippines that I visited after Manila; it is close to the capital. For that reason I found that it shared much of the cityscape of Manila such as malls, busy roads and commercial hubs, several multinationals behind secured walls.

City Attractions

There are certain glimpses of nature and interests to be found here though.  I found the views of Mt Apo in the backdrop to be majestic and there are short drives from the city that takes you to white sandy beaches or treks on forest-covered slopes.

Tourist Places to Visit

The local sightseeing tour that I took up stopped by MuseoDabawenyo which is a two-floor museum with galleries that have works of indigenous tribes, reflecting the cultural and religious life of Mindanao and Davao’s native communities.

Kublai’s gallery was my next visit where fine art exhibits of Kublai Millan filled the walls; I discovered that the gallery has an interesting approach, hidden within the shopping plaza of Chinatown. Davao has a crocodile park as well and this was part of my tour itinerary. The center is located by Davao River.

People’s Park was a green space to visit within the city, Kublai Millan’s life-sized sculptures adorning the space; Dabaw museum with collections of tribal artifacts was another stop I made along with San Pedro cathedral which is the oldest church in the city.

Eateries and Marketplaces

To get local flavors of the city I visited Bankerohan public market which caters to Filipino kitchens in the city. I also visited Malagos farmhouse where cheese-making of the artisanal level is carried out. Among the unique eateries here, BalikBukid is worth checking out with farm-fresh produce used in local food; Hanoi restaurant serves Vietnamese food while Victoria Plaza has an array of restaurants, many offering seafood delicacies.

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Izmir is the third largest city around Turkey. This city is named as the most youthful city around Turkey, simply because of all the population that resides in Turkey, the number of youths or millennials is the highest in the Izmir and the number of universities is also high in the city. Being titled as the heritage city of Turkey, it displays many multicultural traditions and histories to its people and its visitors. This might be the purest city, naturally that I have been to. The people here host very warmly and are very helpful in touring you around. They themselves will tell you the best highlights about the city if you are confused about any. These are some of the places you must visit.

Kemeralti Market

Something as simple as a local market stretches over a five kilometers long stretch. The market has been going on since it has been established in the seventeenth century. In earlier times it was only used for selling and purchasing of ports or harbor stuff, but now it hosts over fifty different categories to browse from. The goods from the market can also be purchased online, all the sellers from the market hosts their online domains to sell their goods online. Apart from all the stuff you buy, being I visitor if you want to order yourself stuff and get it delivered, they will deliver it to your hotel. And locals get it delivered to their homes. This is one of the best markets I have been to, they have these classic street foods to offers and they serve samples first. What could be better?


If you want to get all those extra liked Instagram pictures for yourself, then this is the location to be chosen. This iconic place has been here since the 4th century BC. It keeps getting restored every once in a while to keep it preserved as their historical monument. You are given tours here, that are free of cost and the guides will keep telling you stories about how this was built and what it was ideally used for.

When I traveled through the Bavarian region of Germany I came across several beautiful towns and Fussen is one of them. This town is located by the Romantic Road which has mountains surrounding it as well as lakes and the famous castles of King Ludwig, Linderhof, and Neuschwanstein. One of the things that attracted me most about Germany’s mountainside towns are the castles up on the mountains that gave them a fairy tale like look and feel. This town definitely serves as one of them.

If you are traveling with your family, plan to stay here for a day or two, to see the sights, enjoy the food and local brews as well as discover the local German culture here.

Take a Stroll

The old town has cobbled streets all around and these are waiting to be discovered. Once you walk by these streets or turn a corner, you will be greeted by fascinating views of the surrounding mountains or the lakes. The streets turn into busy shopping destination during the summer months and there are cafes by the walkways that have chairs and tables laid out on the streets.

Medieval Landmarks

There are several historic landmarks to stop by here. In general, the town boasts of history and architecture that dates back 700 years. All around you will find a town wall, baroque churches, and Gothic houses as well as a Benedictine abbey. At the backdrop are the Bavarian Alps. I visited the Hohes Schloss or High Castle outside the old town which was summer home of the Augsburg Lord Bishops. The architecture of the castle is distinct which includes a clock tower and orange roof as well as Trompe L’oiels which is 500 years old.

Take a Cruise

This is another delightful activity to do when you are at Fussen. We took a boat tour on Lake Forggensee which helps you enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding.

Funchal is the capital of Madeira. This tropical island is great for visiting family or friends. The city is filled with colorful flora which is evident in the gardens and the parks which enliven the urban fabric in the city. There are so many things that you can do out here. If you are visiting for the first time, there are a few things that you can check out.

Funchal Cathedral

Stepping into the cathedral, it felt like I have stepped into the Portuguese discovery age. The cathedral had been constructed in the sixteenth century and has fantastic architecture. Look up and you are going to see that the roof is filled with glazed tiles. I found the choir stalls of the cathedral are just exceptional as it depicts saints, prophets, and apostles.

Monte Cable Car

One great attraction is riding in a cable car to the top of the mountain. The mountain is 600 meters high. The gondola lift started functioning in 2000 as it replaced the defunct railway that ran 4 kilometers up the slope. It shut down in 1943. Reaching the top had been worthwhile. The view of the city is just exceptional. The white house and the ocean bedecking the mountain is just the perfect background to click photographs.

Rua Santa Maria

Funchal has a cobbled-stoned street filled with colorfully painted houses that have painted doors, too. Rua Santa Maria had been constructed in the 15th century. At present, it is the best destination to shop and have delectable food. I collected some of the souvenirs from the market. In the year 2010, the street had been flooded. With the regeneration of the city, the project of Art of Open Door had been introduced. Hence, the route has brightly colored doors that are hand painted. These look amazing.

Florence is an Italian city with amazing architecture. It is the capital of the Tuscany region. Being a history buff, I had been planning to visit this city for a long time. So, I finally made it to this city this winter. The places of significance and the architectural buildings simply took my heart away. Let’s take a quick look at the things that you can do when you are in Florence.

Florence Cathedral

This is one of the most celebrated cathedrals to be found. Even though it was constructed in 1436, the front façade wasn’t done until the 19th century. The white marble covered front façade is just marvelous. The green and pink polychrome design along with the style of the interior got to be surprised. It speaks of grandeur.

Giotto’s Campanile

You might have the misconception that Giotto’s Campanile is linked to Duomo. Nonetheless, this is a separate structure. It is a great example of Gothic architecture. Having a stunning design, it doesn’t fail to impress the visitors. It is divided into 5 levels and the exterior tower has a polychrome feature. You will find the lovely pink and green colors on Duomo looks brilliant. I climbed up to the tower to catch a fantastic view. Be careful, there are 414 steps.

Palazzo Vecchio

This is a significant administrative building. It was established in 1299 and the architecture has been designed by the ones who worked on Duomo. At the front façade, you will find a long series of arms. This actually represents important people and families. The interior has a sublime design.

Ponte Vecchio

This is a famous bridge in the city.   I found a number of shops on the side of the bridge. Also, the view that it offers is just breathtaking. Other than walking on this bridge, you can walk along Corridoio Vasariano, too.

If you want to get a glimpse of authentic Costa Rica, then this is the city that you must visit without fail. Once we finished with the tour of San Jose, although we were very happy with the stuff offered there, we were still looking for something different and a little quieter. Then we came across this charming town that is also one of the best places to know more about the world-famous Costa Rica coffee. You can also watch the daily life of the Costa – Ricans from everything they do in the tow, and from the restaurants they eat from and each and every profession that they put up. This has drawn quite a lot of tourists over the years mainly due to the favorable weather conditions and the charms that one cannot find in many cities across the world.

Let us look at the different things you can do here:

  • We undertook the El Toledo Coffee Tour because that is the first thing we wanted to know about once we landed here. In the tour, we went to a farm that is owned by a small family which goes by the same name of the tour, and we were thrilled to know that the growth of the coffee in their estate was completely organic! You will learn about every process that they do from the sowing of the coffee seeds until the beverage lands in the cup. They are one of the very few growers of the coffee plant in the country that follow a completely organic process.
  • The Farmers Market was our second destination of the day. We wanted to know more about the local produce and this is the best way to learn about the shopping habits of the town’s people in general and the country’s population also.